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Corbitt Chandler defines himself as a Trailblazer and a modern day “Inventor” using the tools he’s equipped himself with as an Elite-Level Digital Marketer, to create anything from completely new business concepts and startups to digital campaign strategies for brands across the globe. Through more than 10,000 hours of real world practice he has refined and perfected his trade that marries a myriad of core competencies which include mastering; Facebook Paid Advertising, Google Ads, Website CMS Design & Implementation, Sales Funnels, Copywriting, Creative Design, Custom CRM Development, Platform Integrations & more!

Corbitt Chandler is the Founder and CEO of Apex Current, a performance-driven digital advertising agency based in Birmingham, AL. He was recently inducted into the 73rd Edition of Marquis Who’s Who, was honored in 2018 by the BBJ as one of Birmingham’s Top CEO’s and was also recognized for leading Apex Current to a becoming a finalist for Small Business of the Year.

Corbitt is married to Michelle Chandler, who’s an Interior Designer and the Founder of Harper James Design as well as is the father of two daughters, Phoebe and Nia. After meeting in Michelle’s home state of California while Corbitt was living there, they decided to move back to his hometown of Birmingham, AL, where they reside today.




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/ˈtrālˌblāzər/ (noun) - a pioneer; an innovator

Corbitt Chandler, selected by a panel committee and inducted into the 73rd Edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America which releases in 2020, was ranked as one of his city’s ‘Top CEOs’ by the BBJ in 2018 as well as recognized that same year, for leading his company, Apex Current, to a Small Business of the Year Honor, both awards being peer nominated and selected by a panel of judges through the Birmingham Business Journal.

Corbitt considers himself, in many ways, a modern day Inventor or ‘Mad Scientist’ leveraging his digital marketing expertise to create new business verticals, opportunities and soup to nuts marketing campaigns for brands and local businesses. Corbitt’s areas of expertise are founded in him being an elite-level Facebook campaign strategist, CMS and sales funnel specialist as well as a CRM technician crafting pipeline experiences to create new and repeat buyers. He has collaborated with numerous multi-million dollar brands and companies across the globe building effective digital campaign strategies utilizing performance-driven advertising that drives tangible results. He has founded and lead multiple companies including; Apex Current, CoolStream, WaveFlow, FitFlo, the Digital Advertising Academy and his newest venture, fig social.

Corbitt’s passions as a Trailblazer, Digital Inventor and human being, stem from a core belief that is based in continued growth. Whether that growth is by creating new businesses ventures and continually perfecting his craft, connecting brands with their audiences through digital strategies that drive results, building an amazing life for his family, creating opportunity for his team or giving back to causes he believes in, the gas pedal is always pressed to the floorboard. He attempts to live each day as a positive force in the lives of those he has the opportunity to connect with and desires to motivate as many people as possible to pursue their dreams and to do one thing above all which is to LIVE EPIC!

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